Sabado, Hulyo 30, 2011

Where's the problem??

Why?? did I see something that I didn't notice?.....

After writing my first post about "Street Sleepers", it pups up to my mind, I know and I'm sure that they see people living on the street but why they don't do something....They will just pass to those people...

while it is still on my mind, One morning I woke up and passed the door of our room then I suddenly stop for a moment and think what did I miss?, I think I pass something that I didn't notice.....
what's that something??
And because I can't remember what did  I not notice so I decided to go back to our room and see what was I didn't notice....and then, I'm quite surprise of what I miss......It's the verse that I put to remember that particular part of the Bible.

And then, I realize that because of getting used to look that verse on our door I GET USED to see it... So I always passed on that door and not noticing it..

So what really happen is we GET USED to it!

I think You know Joey Velasco (Famous Painter)

He said to himself, do this people used to live like that...?
Then he said...there not happy to what they became now.... they don't want there life to be just like that...

"Its not them who GET USED to be like that.... I...WE ARE the one who get used to see them like that"


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  1. You never fail to amaze me. I just hope everyone has the keen on details in their life as you.

  2. Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.